When Digital Transformation Is Done Right,

it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong,
all you have is a really fast caterpillar.

George Westerman, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy


Why Choose Avantas?

Top Quality

200+ Member Team & Growing

Creative Minds

Global organization with presence in Asia, Europe & Africa

Bright Ideas

Innovation & Technology Partner with Govt Entities & International Bodies

How can avantas help you?


Our design team specialise in planning your CRM journey and designing a customer roadmap for success on the avantas.io.


Our build team will help you to stay ahead of the competition, by translating your unique business processes onto the avantas.io platform in a waythat suit you the best.


Our learn team will help you use datda to develop insight and spots trends that would otherwise be invisible to help you make better decision for improving your customer experience.


Our Avantas managed service team will work closely with you to extract maximum value from your CRM investment, while you focuson building your business.

Services of avantas

1. Regulatory Sandbox Framework

We partner with regulators from government and international bodies/associations to setup “Regulatory Sandbox Framework”. When an industry rapidly evolves, including the businesses and technologies within it, it can be unclear if any regulation should be applied, and if so, to what extent. A regulatory sandbox is, therefore, a structured and controlled environment within which regulations can be formulated at a fast enough pace, while giving companies some breathing room to develop new innovations. Common areas of focus in sandbox include payment systems, the tracking of physical as well as digital assets, customer databases, identity verification procedures and transaction recording. Avantas supports in designing policies & procedures and help regulators monitor progress & evaluate the projects in sandbox.

2. Digital Transformation Strategy & Execution

Avantas ensures that digital transformation programs are established, well defined, set up for success and executed effectively. This includes providing

  1. Technology readiness assessments & implementation
  2. Program and project management support
  3. Enablement of the innovation culture
  4. Learning to upgrade digital capabilities
  5. Cybersecurity and privacy
  6. Data governance, analytics and reporting

3. Accelerator Programs

Dynamic accelerator programs of Avantas have objective to showcase, share, and connect the best tech startups and co create to shape the future. We find the right resource at the right time to give startups exactly what they need. Our wide network of mentors are experts in their fields with extensive connections. We know that in the same way that ideas of startups are unique, their progress is also different. This is why we have programs focused in verticals and different stages. Our resources entail roadshows, trade-shows, co-branded exhibitions, seminars and private events that will feature all our partners.

4. Enterprise Blockchain Solutions

From ideation to design and development, 50+ member team of our blockchain architects and developers can build enterprise-grade applications to help governments, organizations and individuals efficient, secure, and cost-effective connectivity with optimum ROI (Return on Investment). Avantas will provide customized blockchain solutions to integrate blockchain component in your existing ERPs, web and mobile apps to power them up with more security & efficiency. We work with you, create a roadmap for testing, migration, and updation.

5. Blockchain Assets Exchange Listing

The ultimate destination, as we set path with your project from incubation progress to funds raising, solidifying your technical prowess and projecting it to real-world adoption - We will help you to get to this motive – having your blockchain assets certified and BEING LISTED on blockchain assets exchange platform.

6. The Compliant Tokenization Platform

The end-to-end platform to issue, manage and transfer Security tokens with a motive to bring liquidity to the best investment opportunities. The ownership and value of any asset class – funds, real estate, equity – can now be digitized in the form of tokens. Avantas are on the cusp of a new paradigm for issuers and investors, in which value and ownership can be subdivided, tradable 24/7 and accessible globally.